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"oh, and just because i love humans doesn't mean i love you personally."
deux baguettes
i love orihara izaya too much
you are an amazing person and i care about you, mkay?

@pommei yeah i feel the same way but idk a lot of people don’t understand that it’s bad i guess :/ like sometimes i check out people’s blogs that follow me but then there’s a link on their sidebar that says “weheartit” and i’m like nO WHY WOULD YOU

but anyway…hopefully people will soon come to realize how pointless and annoying and bad it is ;w;

Anonymous asked: Did someone posted your edit on weheartit?

i haven’t seen any lately but if you google “kuurisumasu” you’ll see a weheartit page full of stuff from my blog, both edits and posts i’ve reblogged :/ i bet a lot of people their images posted on weheartit though…

but anyway i’ve never liked weheartit and i always see people reblog pictures with weheartit as the source, so if i can find the source of the image, i let people know ;u;

honestly though can someone just destroy weheartit already